Media in Africa Should Design Their Agenda to Expose Fake Reports of Western About Continent: African Journalist


Addis Ababa January 10/2022/ENA/ Media institutions operating in Africa have to design their own agenda with a view to exposing the fake reports being disseminated by some of the media outlets of the west, a journalist at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, Sigoa Dennis said.

The journalist is in Ethiopia to see the reality in person as part of the Great Homecoming Initiative organized to the Ethiopian diaspora and friends.  

During his visit he has traveled to various places in Amhara and Afar regions of the country.

Dennis expressed sadness with the looting and destructions committed by the terrorist TPLF in areas it had invaded in the two regions.

According to him, the destruction is huge that demands the collaborative efforts of the government and people of Ethiopia for rehabilitation.  

The immense indifferent and distortion about the reality in Africa by the media in the west has continued, the journalist said criticizing them for not deliberately reporting about the heinous acts committed by the terrorist TPLF on innocent people in Ethiopia.  

Western media outlets, including CNN, had falsely reported that "Addis Ababa is under siege by TPLF forces,”  the journalist recalled that he came to Addis Ababa from Uganda and traveled outside the city and reported the truth to the world.

What the Western media was talking about the current situation in Ethiopia and the facts on the ground were different, he said adding that he had written down about the reality.

The journalist urged media in Africa to design their own agenda to expose the fake reports being disseminated by the Western Media about the continent.

Ethiopian News Agency