Ghana’s Most Beautiful Pageant, S. African Activist Saddened by Destruction of Lalibela Airport


January 09,2022 (ENA) Contestant of Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2021, who once represented Ethiopia, in the ‘week of One Africa, Dr. Setor Abra Norgbe and South African activist Nhlanhla Lux have expressed disappointment over the destruction of Lalibela airport in Ethiopia's Amhara region by the terrorist TPLF.

It is to be recalled that the terrorist TPLF group had devastated several infrastructures in the historical town of Lalibela during its invasion.

The Lalibela International Airport is among the infrastructures vandalized by the group.

Norgbe and Lux have visited the historic town of Lalibela, which is UNESCO’s World Heritage for its Rock-Hewn Churches.

Norgbe who is a Medical Doctor on her profession and arrived in Addis Ababa to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas and Epiphany said “I don’t want this happen in Ethiopia and anywhere in the world.”

“I toured around the Lalibela Airport. I have seen a lot of vandalism on the airport. I am really sad. It is sad to see that little children have been abused. This is sad. I don’t want this happen in Ethiopia and happen anywhere in the world.”

She urged all to cooperate for togetherness of Africa by fighting such enemy.

President of the Soweto Parliament and South African activist Nhlanhla Lux on his part said the group had completely destroyed all systems in the airport.

“What the TPLF group (TPLF forces) known as junta as well have done to the airport is immense. Now the airport is operating manually simply  because all systems have been completely destroyed from the towers to air controlling systems to luggage system,”  he said.

Lux added that Africans need to come together to make sure that they are protected from  these kind of forces.

“Forces that oppose government and their key method is destruction, those people are not good for any community and not good for the country. So, we say that Africans need to come together to protect each other against these forces. These forces are not internal forces. These are external forces, sponsoring anarchy in our continent and our countries.  We need to, as young people in Africa, fight against them.”    

Lalibela is known for its 11 monolithic churches carved out of rock that date from the 11th and 13th centuries.

Ethiopian News Agency