Undue Pressure on Ethiopia Aims to Dictate Democratically Elected Government


Addis Ababa January 8/2022/ENA/ The pressure put on Ethiopia by some Western countries results from their ambition of instituting a government based on their dictation, a retired UN official, Dr Bisrat Aklilu said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Dr. Bisrat said some western nations don’t believe in the aspiration of independent countries like Ethiopia which will have their own policies and determine their own fate.

He added that by imposing their will through the so called sanctions and political pressure through various fora at the United Nations and various councils, the government would cave in and eventually accept their dictate.

This is not fair he said; adding that a relationship between two countries has to be based on respect, for the sovereignty and independence of that country and  there has to be a relationship of equals.

“The history of the other countries is very telling. In fact, that is really what has happened in some of the countries, probably the west really believes that what happened in Libya and Iraq could happen here. What happened even in Somalia could happen here. They thought that by putting pressure, the country would be divided among different interest groups.”

This is a failure to understand the history of Ethiopia and this government which has been elected by the people; it has a mandate to protect both the territorial integrity and the safety of people. So this issue of pressure is really totally nonsensical.

Currently, a number of countries that have gone through this kind of crisis, but Ethiopia has not, Bisrat said, adding that they don’t try to put pressure by taking hostile action, they have to respect the country.

He recalled that US left Afghanistan after spending billions of dollars and didn’t get the result they want.  Something has happened also in Iraq. So they should really learn from this lesson.

According to him, what is sad about Ethiopia's case is that the relationships between Ethiopia and US has been so friendly, enjoying relationship for over 120 years. They do not just give up this and should go better but unfortunately they are not.

When something like this happens, the press is fairly independent and tries to objectively explain what is happening in the country; but currently the press plays exactly the same role as the mouthpiece of the government.

So, it's a big disappointment for those of us who went to school in the United States who always believed that the institutions are very solid; they look at things objectively.

"We always thought that the press is independent that is not dictated or directed by the government, but what we found out in the last couple of years especially when it comes to Ethiopia situation, the press is nothing else but the mouth piece of the US government.”

The devastation really done by the TPLF was not reported by this media, nothing is being said by western government about the atrocities committed in Amhara and Afar regions. Some western media discredit themselves totally by reporting fake news, Bisrat indicated.

Bisrat who left the UN since 2013 after serving for over 30 years, said “I myself have worked for the United Nations for 30 years and the UN that we currently see is almost like something that we've never seen before.  

“For me it's very difficult to believe that this is the organization that I worked for. What I see now here with the situation in Ethiopia, for example, with these health facilities that have been totally destroyed, primary healthcare centers, there is no clinic or hospital. I have not seen it myself but I have seen from  the report in Dassie and Kombolcha. So where is the WHO?, Where is the United Nations talking about that ?”

They were talking a lot when there was difficulties in Tigray, but when there is this kind of total destruction in other regions, they don’t hear.

Currently Dr. Bisrat Aklilu is serving as Board Member of American-Ethiopia Public Affairs Committee, established in March 2021 to strengthen and foster the U.S.-Ethiopia relationship, enhance both countries security interests, as well as advance democracy, respect for human rights and free market entrepreneurship in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian News Agency