Nat’l Dialogue Plays Crucial Role in Building Country that Resolves Problems Through Discussion


Addis Ababa January 5/2022 /ENA/ The national dialogue would help build a country that is suitable to its citizens and solvers problems through dialogues, according to Ethiopian Teachers Association.

As one of the civic associations in the country, the Ethiopian Teachers Association believes in the need for discussion and consultative forums to accelerate durable peace, growth and development in the country.

Association President, Yohannes Benti told ENA that the government has been working hard to resolve issues through dialogue and consultations in the past three years.

According to him, the national dialogue will play an important role in building a country that solves its problems through dialogue.

The president noted that resolving issues through dialogue should always be given priority.

That is why the civic society has been calling for long the need for holding a national consultation in the country, he pointed out.

Yohannes, however, noted that the national dialogue should not be confined to issues of political parties.

He further stated that the consultation will help to accelerate the country's development by creating consensus among the community at all levels.

The proclamation for the establishment of a National Dialogue Commission was approved by the House of People's Representatives last week.

Ethiopian News Agency