Terrorist TPLF Damages, Loots 7.7 Bln Birr Worth of Social, Dev't Facilities in Afar Region


January 03/2022 (ENA) The terrorist TPLF has damaged and looted 7.7 billon birr worth of social and development facilities during its invasion in Afar region mainly in health, education and agricultural sectors.

In addition to the massacre it committed in the Afar region, TPLF has destroyed and looted more than 4.4 billion birr worth in education, health and agriculture sectors alone.

Members of the Diaspora, who have arrived in the country following the call made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, headed to Afar region on Sunday to partake the ‘Diaspora Symposium’ which is being underway in Semera town.  

The members of the Diaspora were received by regional officials last night and are taking part in a consultative forum today, which is also attended by Awol Arba, Chief of the Regional Administration, and other senior federal and regional officials.

During the consultative forum, a report that depicts the destruction and looting committed by the terrorist TPLF in the education, health and agriculture sectors of the region was presented.

It was reported during the occasion that the terrorist group destroyed and looted 750 schools that worth 1.1 billion birr in the invaded areas of the region.

In the region, the terrorist TPLF looted and damaged 1.4 billion birr worth of agriculture and natural resources, 754 million birr in the irrigation and energy sector, 1.2 billion birr in the health sector and 50 million birr in food and logistics.

The total damage and looting in agriculture, health and education sectors, and others by the terrorist TPLF amounted 7.7 billion birr.

The terrorist TPLF has also carried out horrific massacres on children and adults in Galicoma, Uwa, Berhale, Yalo, Adele'elana Samarobi and Gele'alo woredas of Afar region.

Ethiopian News Agency