Sudanese Should Resolve Problems by Themselves Without Foreign Interference: FM Spokesperson


Addis Ababa January 3/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Spokesperson said Sudanese should resolve their problems by themselves without any foreign interference.

Amidst of intense political upheaval and protest in Sudan, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok resigned on Sunday.

It is to be recalled that Hamdok,  with other government officials, was ousted by a military coup  but reinstated over a month ago.  However, he announced his resignation yesterday.  

Ethiopia has been closely following the current situation in the neighboring Sudan, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti pointed out.     

He said Ethiopia wants Sudanese to exert efforts to peacefully address their differences without any kind of foreign interference.

Dina further stated that the current crisis in Sudan should be resolved with the interest of the people of the country. The people of Sudan should strongly oppose foreign interference, he added.  

Ethiopia always desires to see sustainable peace and stability in Sudan, the Spokesperson pointed out.

Recalling Ethiopia’s firm stance to settle its border dispute with Sudan through dialogue and peaceful means, Ambassador Dina reaffirmed that Ethiopia will remain with same position.

It is noted that State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Redwan Hussien, told Anadolu News Agency recently that the people of Sudan and Ethiopia were living together enjoying similar culture and values, where the border issue has not been a problem.

Ethiopian News Agency