Mass Sport Festival to Entertain Diaspora Takes Place in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa January 2/2022 /ENA/ Mass sport festival, which aims at entertaining the Diaspora community who has come to Ethiopia as part of the Great Ethiopian Homecoming initiative, took place in Addis Ababa today.

Great Ethiopian Homecoming is an initiative launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed calling one million Ethiopians, Ethiopian origins, and friends of Ethiopia to come to Ethiopia during the upcoming Ethiopian Christmas.

Accordingly, many have been arriving in Ethiopia despite and engaging in several social and other activities of the nation.  

The government and people of Ethiopia are preparing to welcome the diaspora in various ways.

Today a Mass sport festival was held in the capital Addis Ababa with a view to entertain the Diaspora community who has come to Ethiopia as part of the initiative.

Residents of Addis Ababa, government officials and members of the Diaspora have taken part in the mass sport festival that was organized at Mesqel square, in the capital.   

Opening the festival, Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor, Jantirar Abay said sport would build a country strong by creating unity and cohesion among the people.

May be an image of 6 people, people standing and outdoors

He stressed the need to expand sport activities as culture everywhere in the country to create physically matured and productive citizens and promote the development of the country, besides to promoting social interaction with in communities.

Members of the Diaspora who have participated in the event have expressed their excitement over the splendid welcoming ceremonies and programs of Ethiopian government and people.

Besides to its health benefits, the mass sport said to be a means that enable the Diaspora promote social interaction with the community.

Ethiopian News Agency