Ethiopia to Strengthen Diplomatic Effort within Africa to Fend Off Foreign Meddling: Foreign Affairs Spokesperson


Ethiopia will strengthen diplomatic effort within the continent to avert foreign meddling in the internal affairs of the country, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said.

In his weekly press briefing today, the spokesperson said efforts will be made to gather even more support in Africa in the spirit of pan-Africanism in a bid to fend off foreign meddling.

Currently some countries are giving Ethiopia all the support it needs, he added.

However, our effort should be redoubled to garner even more continent wide support that enables us to ward off foreign meddling, Dina stressed.

According to him, ‘‘there has been successful performance in motivating pan-Africanism so that Ethiopia will be supported by African colleagues to repulse undue pressure on the country.’’  

In the coming year, the ministry's focus will also be geared towards maintaining the country's sovereignty.   

Efforts will also be made to revamp diplomatic relations with allies in the spirit of mutual benefit, Dina stated.

However, "our main strength is internal," the spokesperson noted.

In this regard, the approval of establishment of National Dialogue Commission by the House of People's Representatives yesterday will help, he said.

The commission will facilitate consultations among various segments of the society in identifying the root causes of the differences and come up with solutions in a sustainable manner.

Regarding Ethio-US relationship, the spokesperson said efforts will be made to clear misunderstandings regarding the reality on the ground.

"I hope the new administration will try to mend the ties," Dina stated.

Regarding the visit of a high level US delegation to discuss Ethiopia in Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, and UAE, the spokesperson said, "we are not closed for discussion. It is (therefore) better to discuss our issues with us than with our neighbors and allies far and near.

Concerning current disagreements and problems in both Sudan and Somalia, he stressed that the problems and disagreements in the countries are results of foreign interference.

If left aside, they can solve their problems, Dina noted, adding that if not, the problems can be solved through African mechanisms.

Ethiopian News Agency