Diaspora Dismiss Western Media Lies about Situation in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa December 30/2021/ENA/ The Ethiopian Diaspora, who have come to Ethiopia responding to the Great Ethiopian Homecoming Initiative, said the propaganda of some Western media about peace in the country is far from the truth.

A member of the Ethiopian Diaspora from United Kingdom, Dereje Desta said “what has been disseminated by the Western media is in fact a psychological warfare that is totally false. In Addis, everybody is happy and leading normal life. The Americans or some Western mainstream media are liars spreading false information.”

Dereje vowed that he is determined to spread the truth about Ethiopia among the international community.  

“What the Western media, including elected MPs or Congress women or men, are lying to the international community is absolutely disgusting. We are determined to reveal the truth about Ethiopia.”

The member of the diaspora stated that he was extremely happy when he arrived in Addis Ababa after 30 years.

He said the welcoming of Ethiopians right from Bole International Airport all the way down to where I stay was tremendous.

According to Dereje, the fist thing he would do is help IDPs and victims affected by the war triggered by the terrorist TPLF.

Next, he plans to see and explore investment opportunities and visit various parts of the country.

“We have a lot to do while we are here. The very important thing is helping the displaced people, including families who have lost their beloved ones, and other victims. We need to support them financially.”

Solomon Kidane from USA, said on his part that false information spread about Ethiopia by the Western media is misleading the international community.

However, the reality on the ground is far from their fake information, he noted, stressing that the Western media should not be given much attention as they are paid to say what they are saying.

“The Western media, especially CNN, BBC, and Al Jezeera, are paid to say what they are saying. We don’t have to focus too much on them. …They are spreading false information; but the real thing is here in Ethiopia,” he pointed out.

According to him, Ethiopia is now in need of help and he has come to Ethiopia to help by providing food and shelter, among others.

Ethiopian Diasporas are Ethiopians that think about Ethiopia day in and day out, he noted, adding that they suffer as much as Ethiopians that live here in Ethiopia.

“The diaspora think about Ethiopia day in and day out. We suffer as much as Ethiopians that live here. So, we have come here to help. … It doesn’t have to be translated to any extra help. It is just our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who are living here that need help.”

The other member of the diaspora from South Africa, Damtew Tefera  said it is very difficult to describe the level and magnitude of the disinformation, misinformation and outraging lies of the Western media about Ethiopia.

The fake information are intended to serve the interests of the very countries that actually host or own them, he noted.

“I think we have learned a lesson that the so-called international media actually are intended to serve the economic, social, political and diplomatic interests of the very countries which actually host or own them,” Damtew stated.

He stressed the need for building capacity to counterbalance fabricated lies of the Western media about Ethiopia.

During his stay in Ethiopia, Damtew said he will be engaging in conferences, meetings and visits.

“I am already active in the country where I live and that activity will continue with more determination, more excitement and clear vision and hope for my country.”

Ethiopian News Agency