Deputy PM Urges Diaspora to Continue Supporting Rehabilitation Efforts


Addis Ababa, December 29/2021/ENA/  Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen urged the Ethiopian Diaspora to continue supporting the government in rehabilitating parts of the regions invaded by the terrorist TPLF.

He made the remark at the official welcoming ceremony of the Ethiopian Diaspora organized at the Friendship Square today.

In his remark, Demeke appreciated the diaspora for their staunch struggle against foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the country and the disinformation by some Western media.

According to him, the struggle against foreign meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia was  fruitful.

Furthermore, the deputy prime minister urged the Ethiopian Diaspora to enhance their support in rehabilitation activities to resettle the internally displaced people and rebuild destroyed  infrastructures.  

Many victims of the invasion are waiting for us to rehabilitate them, he noted.

Demeke further stated that the just struggle of the Ethiopian Diaspora was successful in exposing the conspiracies of internal and external enemies of Ethiopia.

The No More campaign in all corners of the world has mobilized Africans and black peoples  to fight against unjust pressures and interferences of foreign powers, he added.  

Yet, the Ethiopian Diaspora still need to continue their all-inclusive support to Ethiopia by working with the government to rehabilitate areas and the people affected by the invasion of terrorist TPLF.

Addis Ababa Mayor, Adanech Abiebie on her part said the response of the Ethiopian diaspora for the national call is commendable and encouraging.

She also appreciated the movement of Ethiopian diaspora in defending Ethiopia against undue external pressures and fabricated lies about dismantling of the country.

History will remember the remarkable achievements of the Ethiopian diaspora, the mayor noted.

She stated that the ongoing collaboration of the Ethiopian Diaspora across the world is encouraging and it is an asset for the Ethiopian government in attaining prosperity of the country.

"In the midst of this confusion, the spirit of cooperation that we see can be used to bring  Ethiopia's prosperity," the mayor added.

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Deputy Director General, Mohammed Endris said his agency will work closely with  stakeholders to promote the engagement of the diaspora in various socio-economic developments of the country.

"We will continue working closely with the government at all levels and create conducive environment to promote the engagement of the diaspora in development sectors," Mohammed stated.

Ethiopian News Agency