Belgian Tourists Testify Country Peaceful, Have Positive Impression about Ethiopia


Addis Ababa December 28/2021/ENA/ Even if some international media have been disseminating false report about havoc and conflict all over Ethiopia, we witnessed peace and have very positive expression about the country, Belgium Tourists told ENA.

Francis Vandendorpe, who is visiting Ethiopia for the first time, said some media in Belgium advised citizens not to travel to Ethiopia as the entire country is engulfed in war.

“We heard on the media in Belgium that it is not good to travel to Ethiopia. But someone selling coffee in our country told us Ethiopia is in peace. We trust this and came to Ethiopia. I saw really nothing here. We had very peaceful and stable trip in Ethiopia,” the tourist witnessed.  

So, the tourist said he has “a very positive impression about Ethiopia.”  

According to him, he first went with his Belgian friend to Hawassa to visit coffee plantations. Then after they traveled to Omo valley, which is located in south eastern Ethiopia.

“It was great. There were no tourists. I think we were the only tourists at that time. We loved it really,” Vandendorpe said.

Moreover, it was also super to visit the National Museum where Lucy is found. he stated. “ We had a very nice trip during our stay here in Ethiopia.”      

Some eight of us were to come to Ethiopia, but only two of us got visa. They could not have visa. That was the problem. As soon as they get visa they will visit Ethiopia, the Belgian tourist added.

The other tourist, Frederik Philibert said “I am very happy to visit your country. Everybody is very friendly and open.”  

In Belgium everybody told us not go to Ethiopia. “ When we came here, however, we saw that everything looks very good. It maybe in northern that there is problem, but from Addis down to the south, we didn’t see anything special for us.”

Philibert added, "It is safe to come to Ethiopia. Everything is Ok. Please come to see this country, everything is nice and peaceful.”

Ethiopian News Agency