TPLF Would Fuel Other Conflicts in the Future amongst Generation Unless It Gets Disarmed: British Writer for Independent Media


Addis Ababa December 28/2021/ENA/ A prominent British writer for independent media and political analyst, Graham Peebles urged for a total disarming of terrorist TPLF as the group “is going to sow discontent amongst another generation and fuel conflicts in the future.”

According to him, TPLF is a monstrous group which is  supported by America and other foreign forces, including elements within the United Nations to destabilize Ethiopia and the wider East African region.

Acknowledging that the terrorist TPLF has been routed out by the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) and its allied forces from Amhara and Afar regions, Peebles said that the group is being “defeated gracefully.”

The writer argued that TPLF, which  is a monstrous organization, should just be completely batted and disarmed to avoid future animosity among Ethiopian generations as the group is inherently a  conflict  entrepreneur.

He further said: “They are going to sow discontent amongst the coming generation and fuel conflicts in the future. So we want to get rid of them completely. You know, sometimes, you have to allow people to be defeated gracefully, that is what we need to do. This is not so with  the leaders of the TPLF; so, they should all be arrested and the organization should be disarmed.”

The writer strongly urges that  TPLF as an organization and its leaders should be charged with treason in the criminal court.

“They Should be charged with treason and war crimes, not only in Ethiopia; but in the third country too. I think this maybe  happen,” Peebles urged.

Noting that TPLF was supported  throughout those 28 years in power by the America and its West allies, the writer indicated that the group has committed ruthless human right violations in Ethiopia.  

For instance, he had been following the Somalia Regional State’s atrocities that were committed by the terrorist TPLF including  mass rapes, men being buried alive and terrible torture, he noted.

“I did a lot of work on the Ogaden  area, Somali State. I don't like to use the word genocide. But it must be close to a genocide that was taking place there. It was certainly unbelievably violent repressive occupation against the will of the people. I visited and spoke to many victim women who told me of mass rapes and men being buried alive. So that's the TPLF, where nothing was ever mentioned by the international media about what the group has committed in Ogaden area. ”  

As a result, he urged for Ethiopia to purge and complete the TPLF, adding  that it’s no good just defeating them now and letting  them  to speak in  riddle for good. 

Referring to the aligning of the some wester nations with  the terrorist TPLF, the writer explained that America and its Western allies including elements within the United Nations are attempting to overthrow the democratically elected Government of Ethiopia.

He particularly mentioned the current US administration’s support to the terrorist TPLF;  and dubbing it “ immoral and illegal acts.” 

 Americans were giving reconnaissance information and sharing satellite evidences about the location of   Ethiopian forces  during the conflict, Peebles pointed out.

He further stated: “I’m sure there has been much more direct support. Where are TPLFs getting their weapons from?  Who’s feeding the TPLF? Do you know who's giving them reconnaissance information? You know! I have heard these rumors that the Americans was sharing satellite information of  federal forces locations and passing that on to the TPLF”.

He also blamed the Western media outlets that they have  turned a blind eye to anything the terrorist TPLF has been perpetrating tremendous atrocities but they are keeping to blame the Ethiopian government.

“That happens all the time. You know this is the way that public opinion is conditioned by a corporate media and by governments; they are both crude and very subtle, which is completely shameful,” the writer underscored.       

Even I myself is a living witness that such a reputable Western media outlets like BBC downplay such good stories that come from Ethiopia, he indicated.

Peebles noted: “What we must do is highlight those instances when they happen and point them out. I've written to the BBC a number of times about these things on the Ethiopian but they never read and acknowledge it.”

When asked about the motive of the current US administration foreign policy to influence Ethiopia and its interest in the Horn Africa, he said that within the Horn of Africa they don't want to see stable, integrated and  strong region.

 “When the countries are united and coordinated to work together, this weakens their  interest. So they see countries in the region just in terms of resources and market places for US and Western corporations; so their interests are  to be extracted through those corporate needs. So this  doesn't seem to happen only to Ethiopia but throughout Africa.  All the profits and revenues come from those resources of  rich nations, and  flow out of the country. So they are not interested in peace, rather they are interested in instability,” Peebles added.

Ethiopian News Agency