Nation Announces Some 5 Billion Birr Additional Budget for Rehabilitation of War-Victims


December 27/2021/ENA/ Minister of Finance Ahmed Shide said that an additional 5 billion Birr budget has been allocated in order to rehabilitate the war-affected people.

The Rehabilitation Secretarial Executive Committee, which is chaired by the Ministry of Finance, has already presented its request for additional budget to the Council of Ministers.  

The additional budget will be approved by the House of Peoples' Representatives and directly be allocated for the rehabilitation endeavors.

In addition to the initial budget allocated by the government, significant financial support is expected from development partners, especially the World Bank, Ahmed said.

He further stated that the rehabilitation program is government-led, coordinated, programmed at all levels and will strive to bring a lasting solution.

Moreover, an initial proposal by the Ministry of Finance for the assessment and evaluation of the damage caused by the war was presented to members of the executive committee of the rehabilitation secretariat, it was stated.

Ahmed also urged the regions to actively involve, cooperate with other national committees and engage the private sector and the diaspora in the activities.

Rehabilitation Secretarial Executive Committee constitutes various stakeholders from ministry of education, health, planning & development, water & energy, industry, women & social affairs, labor & skills, urban and infrastructure, and other relevant federal officials.

Ethiopian News Agency