Terrorist TPLF Destroys over 266 Bil Birr Worth of Wealth in Agricultural Sector In Amhara Region Alone


Addis Ababa December 26/2021/ENA/ The terrorist TPLF has destroyed more than 266 billion Birr worth of wealth in the agricultural sector alone during its occupation of areas in Amhara region, regional Agriculture Bureau said.

The group had destroyed and looted public and private properties including public service-providing institutions, key infrastructures, health facilities, schools among others during its invasion of areas in Amhara and Afar regions.

It had also committed the most heinous human rights abuses including rape and massacres on civilians in the two regions.

Regional Economic Cluster Coordinator, Aynelam Negussie together with officials from the Amhara Regional State Agriculture Bureau visited Dessie Tissue Culture Centre that had been fully vandalized by the TPLF invading forces.

Agriculture Bureau Head, Hailemariam Kefalew said during the occasion that the despairing TPLF invaders have demonstrated their brutality by destroying and looting agricultural and health facilities in the region.

According to a survey conducted in the state, the TPLF invading force has destroyed more than 266 billion birr worth of agricultural products, including agricultural colleges and offices, vehicles, Sekota fish and Lalibela Bee centers, Dessie Tissue culture and irrigation projects.

According to him, more than 6.3 million people in the affected areas are at risk of starvation as farming activities on over two million hectares of land was disrupted by the terrorist TPLF.

"In order to alleviate the problem, efforts are underway to harvest more crop in zones," he underlined.

Furthermore, Hailemariam said efforts are underway to get better yields in the Belg and irrigation to substitute 41 million quintals destroyed by the heinous acts of the group.

Regional Economic Cluster Coordinator, Aynelam Negussie said on her part the devastation caused by the invading TPLF terrorist group would drag the economy back for years and leave a scar on its history.

The terrorist horrendous act has not only affected the region but also the Ethiopian economy and society as a whole, she underscored.

Moreover, she noted the regional government is working closely with the federal and other stakeholders to rehabilitate the damaged institutions and restore service.

Ethiopian News Agency