Diaspora, Friends of Ethiopia Urged to Play Crucial Role in Portraying True Image of Nation


December 25/2021/ENA/ The Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia will play indispensable role in portraying the true image of the nation in countries where they reside, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Advisor Ibrahim Idris said.

A large number  of the diaspora are expected in the homecoming challenge as everyone with an African origin is an invitee and the Ethiopian Diaspora are also encouraged to bring at least one non-African person.

Following the call of the prime minister to Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia all over the world to join the Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge, the nation has started welcoming the more than one million expected visitors, it was learned.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the advisor said public diplomacy is a very important tool as each person has the chance to explain the nation’s position and true image using the respective language of foreign countries.

“The contribution of the diaspora for Ethiopia’s recent overall diplomatic achievement with No More movement is remarkably decisive,” Ibrahim noted.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed initiated the “Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge” as the country has been fighting against unwarranted external pressure, mainly orchestrated by some Western countries.

For Ambassador Ibrahim, “the call of the government is crucial as the actors are after all Ethiopians for their home country”.

Ethiopians will certainly understand and look into the nation without any negative intention, he said, adding that “this is an opportunity to convey the true message of Ethiopia and for sure they will have a huge impact on the international community.”

The advisor further stated that for African countries, Ethiopia’s resistance against the unwarranted Western pressure and intervention is a lesson that they can apply in their own countries.

“The international community will understand the reality more as an important message of Ethiopians will be conveyed and commonly shared by the other African countries,” he elaborated.

The Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia across the globe in general and Africans in particular have been playing a crucial role in reversing the unwarranted and well-coordinated pressure on Ethiopia by some Western actors.

In this regard, Ethiopian Tourism Professionals Association (ETPA) Acting Manager Minyamir Asrat said preparations have been undertaken to welcome and host the visitors coming from across the world with Ethiopian hospitality.  

He underscored that all service providers and Ethiopians at home have to seize this opportunity to promote the true face of the nation for the rest of the world.

Ethiopian News Agency