Gov't Concludes First Goal of Campaign for Multinational Unity, Orders ENDF to Stay On Guard in Liberated Areas


Addis Ababa December 23/2021/ENA/ The Government of Ethiopia announced today that it has successfully concluded the first goal of the Campaign for Multinational Unity carried out to maintain the survival of Ethiopia.

Government Communication Service Minister, Legesse Tulu told journalist that the Campaign for Multinational Unity led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has achieved its goal and ended in victory.

According to him, the main objective of the campaign was to clear the invading terrorist TPLF from the Amhara and Afar regions and prevent the group from posing threat to the country again.

The minister pointed out that one of the reasons for the order to the National Defense Force to remain on guard in the positions they have held after liberating the two regions is to avoid falling from the trap of the terrorist group that has transported bodies of thousands of terrorists killed in the occupied regions to bury them in mass graves and claim the perpetuation of genocide in the region.

This is the plot hatched out by the terrorist group to be disseminated through the foreign media when it enters Tigray, he added.

The government has discovered the plan to work in tandem with some international organizations to  pass decisions based on the allegations made by the terrorist group.

The government can also enter Tigray region at any time to fulfill its responsibilities of maintaining the sovereignty and integrity of the country, Legesse noted.

Taking various factors into consideration, the government has therefore decided to the National Defense Force to remain on guard.

The minister pointed out that it will also continue to take measures to avert problems posed by the terrorist Shene in Oromia region and bring sustainable peace.

Ethiopian News Agency