Africans Need to Stand United as One People in protecting sovereignty


December 23/2021/ENA/ Africans need to stand by themselves in prioritizing ‘’African Solutions for African problems, enabling them to safeguard their sovereignty in defending the intervention of foreign powers, a Kenyan Pan-Africanist lawyer Lavani Mila said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, a Pan-Africanist lawyer, Mila said  that as unity is strength, Africans need to work together as united, as one people, for one purpose,  to achieve the goal of protecting its sovereignty.

The Pan-Africanist lawyer  stressed: ‘’We need to start reasoning that we are one people, so the world does not view Africa as different entities. The world views Africa as well, and if the world can view as a one, then we have an obligation upon us, a duty to each and every one of us, to stand up united and push a united front which is the only way to defeat foreign manipulation and interference in our internal affairs, for example, when you look at the current situation in Ethiopia,  it needs the concerted effort of  all Africans to  defend  the unjust pressure by some western countries and the US."

‘’So, we should start looking at things that unite us more than those that divide us, and surely there are things that unite us, there are things  common for  each African,’’ he underlined.

 Mila called on all Africans to stand for Ethiopia in the effort to prevent the pressure currently orchestrated by the US and some western countries against its sovereignty.

 He noted that  big nations constituted the United states, where  many people decided to come together to form a union which is now powerful, and they can decide their own affairs, adding that Russia and the Chinese are also nations that are powerful because they are standing together,  recognizing their common objective that unites them.

‘’If you ask anybody, any person from Africa, they have a desire to see Africa prosper, so the development of Ethiopia and the development of Kenya are interlinked. We are inextricably intertwined that we cannot live without the other’’ he indicated.

The Kenyan Pan-Africanist lawyer further elaborated:  ‘If you look up in the colonial past, when the European had started arriving in our own continent, what's happened is that they found us  divided, and basically, they exploited that weakness .They used one ethnic group against the other, inciting  them to fight against the other. So, we could not stand as one people.’’

He went on saying: ‘when we divide ourselves, we become weak and become easy to be manipulated. So in order for us to stand firm and stand tall, united we must resist the colonial powers.’’

According to him, Africans need to unite, need to come together, need to start putting up policies and treaties that will deepen relationships among the nations, for example, the trade relations between African countries need to be enhanced. Ethiopia and Kenya need to relax some of the tariffs that they have.

Mila underscored that Africa need to start promoting pro African and intra Africa trade between Africans, for example, African continental treaty should be considered and followed  up by each country.

He stated that we should feel comfortable working with one another and we need to address also the issues that make our relay, hanging our relationship.

Ethiopian News Agency