Ethiopia Effectively Managing Macroeconomic Imbalance Despite Recent Severe Economic Downturn


Addis Ababa December 23/2021/ENA/Despite the severe economic downturn in recent months, Ethiopia’s macroeconomic balance has not deteriorated significantly, Minister of Finance Ahmed Shide said.

This was disclosed at the ‘Addis Weg’ expert’s as well as official’s round table discussion organized by the Office of the Prime Minister.

In his remarks at the forum, Finance Minister Ahmed Shide explained about the economic damage caused by the war waged by the terrorist TPLF against Ethiopian integrity.

However, the country’s performance adjustments on macro-economic imbalance has been prevented from significant distortion, the minister said.  

Even if  the inevitable shocks that the economy has been facing over the past two and half years, Ethiopia has reinforced the rigorous adjustments on macro-economic imbalance a macro level, it was indicated.

As a result, Ahmed said the government structures has continued delivering services in most parts of the country during the war.

Export activities were not disrupted and regular operations performed, he said adding that the   there are many opportunities in terms of job creation.

He added  the next step is to study the damage and allocate a budget for rehabilitation endeavors in the war affected areas and he called on development partners and Ethiopians as a whole are expected to join hands  in rehabilitation efforts.

Ethiopian News Agency