UNHRC Politicized Decision Manipulated by US-led West, Contradicts Spirit of UN Charter: American Political Analyst


December 22/2021/ENA/ The politicized decision of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Ethiopia proves that the UN body is being taken advantage of by the US-led West in ways that “contradict the UN Charter’s spirit,” the American political analyst Andrew Korybko said.

Korybko told ENA that the decision is absolutely unacceptable because it manipulated that body  in order to weaponize its outcome against Ethiopia.

The resolution was endorsed by a simple majority vote that was not supported by any African country.

“The UN is supposed to be a neutral institution that respects member states sovereignty, yet its HRC was exploited in order to put additional pressure on that targeted African state after its national forces decisively turned the tide of the war,” he said.

According to him, this goes against the spirit of the UN Charter since it was never intended to be manipulated in such a way.

The analyst noted that the perception of non-African countries deciding something of such symbolic importance about an African state suggests neo-colonialist motives, especially since Ethiopia itself didn’t support this politicized process.

The decision discredits the UN and further reaffirms the urgent need for far-reaching UN reform in order to prevent this from happening to other countries in the future, Korybko suggested.

The analyst pointed out that observation shows that Ethiopia, most African countries, and their partners keenly understand that the UNHRC political process was manipulated by unfriendly countries as part of their ongoing hybrid war against the country.

As Ethiopia has already cooperated with a joint investigative mechanism, there was no need to redundantly establish another one unless the intent was to discredit the existing mechanism, he noted.

This is being done since the US-led West was unhappy that they didn’t find any evidence of “genocide” despite all the false claims that were made about this over the past year, the analyst elaborated.

Korybko underlined that the UNHRC politicized decision was the result of the US-led West hijacking its political process for hybrid war ends.

The instigators behind this provocation intend to discredit the existing investigation and its findings due to their displeasure that they didn’t turn up any evidence of “genocide”.

“Those who are waging the hybrid war on Ethiopia want to manufacture evidence that this is happening in order to subsequently exploit their false findings as the pretext upon which to impose unilateral sanctions on that country outside the UN Security Council as punishment for its winning the war,” he revealed.

The UNHRC’s political process was exploited to put additional pressure on Ethiopia by attempting to discredit the existing mechanism that failed to find any evidence of “genocide”.

According to Korybko, it is deliberately redundant since Ethiopia already has an effective human rights mechanism in the country, one which also jointly cooperates with its existing UN counterpart.

“While the UN was established for noble reasons, it’s since become increasingly corrupt over the decades and elements of this global body have been hijacked by certain forces to advance their interests at the expense of the UN’s credibility.”

He stressed that what just happened with the UNHRC is a perfect example of this and should hopefully inspire Ethiopia, fellow African states, and their partners to urgently prioritize far-reaching UN reform in order to prevent this from ever happening to any other country again.

Furthermore, the political analyst said that the Ethiopian National Defense Force has decisively turned the tide of the conflict after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed went to the front lines to personally lead the war effort.

The US-led West never expected him to show such leadership, let alone to stunningly succeed,  Korybko said, adding that “one need only recall the fake news that was swirling a month ago alleging that he was planning to flee the country.”

He added, “They are now completely humiliated after Ethiopians rallied behind his national unity call and defeated this hybrid war plot. That is why the US-led West wants to punish them.”  

Ethiopian News Agency