Some Countries Using UN Institutions as Political tools to Rescue Defeated Terrorist TPLF: GCS


Addis Ababa December 22/2021/ENA/ Some countries are using UN institutions as political tools in their efforts to rescue the defeated terrorist group TPLF and weaken Ethiopia, according to Government Communication Service (GCS).

Briefing journalists today, Government Communication Service State Minister Kebede Desissa said these countries have been using the UN institutions to exert pressure on Ethiopia.

He further stated that the recent UN Security Council and the UN Human Rights Council meetings were among the attempts to pressurize Ethiopia and save TPLF.

Friendly countries have protested against the unjust pressure and decision on Ethiopia, it was noted.

The state minister underscored that Ethiopia does not accept the resolution passed by the UN Human Rights Council as the mandate to conduct and investigate into allegations of human rights violations is politically motivated.

Kebede also recalled that the National Defense Force and allied forces have wiped out the terrorist group from both Amhara and Afar regions and it has suffered heavy crisis during the past weeks.

Following its humiliating defeat, the terrorist group has now resorted to disseminating the false narrative that it made a strategic retreat to confuse the people of Tigray and the world, he elaborated.

According to him, some foreign media outlets such as CNN are echoing this fake news.

“The defeat of the terrorist group TPLF is being portrayed as a strategic retreat and a favorable condition for peace. Some countries are even spreading the propaganda of TPLF commanders and releasing statement about their narratives. This is a common practice and an attempt to save the defeated terrorist group. ”

Ethiopian News Agency