Historic Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge Huge Opportunity to Show True Color of Ethiopia: Tourism Ass'n


December 18/2021 (ENA) The Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge is a huge opportunity to manifest the true image of Ethiopia to the rest of the world as 1 million diaspora and friends of Ethiopia would be heading to visit the country by January 7, according to Ethiopian Tourism Professionals Association (ETPA).

A massive influx of visitors is expected in the homecoming as everyone with an African origin is an invitee and the Ethiopian Diaspora are also encouraged to bring at least 1 non-African person.

Following the call of the prime minister to Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia all over the world to join the Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge, the nation is preparing to welcome over one million people, it was learned.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Acting Manager of Ethiopian Tourism Professionals Association (ETPA) Minyamir Asrat said preparations have been undertaken to welcome and host the visitors in collaboration with all actors in the tourism sector.

“As tourism professionals association, we will provide consultations services on how to welcome the diaspora community and friends of Ethiopia for tourist guides, operators, companies, and other service providers in the sector,” he added.

Noting the huge responsibility entrusted on every stakeholder in the sector, the acting manager stressed that Ethiopia comes before everything else and the collaborative efforts will definitely make the event historic.

“We know 1 million is a huge number. But if we work in a more cohesive manner, it could be remarkably productive and historic. On our part, we are ready to make our guests happy.”

According to the acting manger, the Great Ethiopian homecoming is crucial to erase the recent fabricated images of the nation by some Western actors and to counter the coordinated and unwarranted defamation on Ethiopia.

Minyamir further said, “My message for all service providing institutions, private companies and all actors involved in the sector is that they need to strive to change the image of the nation and counter the recent unwarranted defamation from Western countries.”

The acting manager believes that the calls for the diaspora and friends of Ethiopia to come home comes at crucial time when Ethiopia needs its true children, friends and all longstanding partners near and afar.

“So, all service providers and Ethiopians at home have to be seize this opportunity to promote the true face of the nation for the rest of the world with pride and dignity,” he underscored.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed initiated what is called the “Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge” as the country has been fighting against unwarranted external pressure, mainly orchestrated by some Western countries.

Ethiopian News Agency