North Wollo Zone of Amhara Region Fully Liberated from Terrorist TPLF


December 18/2021 (ENA) The Ethiopian Coalition Forces have fully liberated several towns in North Wollo Zone of Amhara Region, including the zone capital Woldiya, from the terrorist TPLF, the Government Communication Service disclosed.

The ability and psychology of the terrorist TPLF group have been devastated following the launching of the Operation for National Unity in Diversity led by the prime minister in an organized and integrated manner, the statement noted.

The statement recalled the statement it gave yesterday night about the victory of the coalition forces that had taken control of areas around the high mountains of Zobel at Qobo front and extended their control over higher locations across the northern Raya direction, closing on Woldiya town. The forces that had liberated areas around Gura Worke also controlled fully higher positions of Gura Worke.  

In an offensive attack carried out during the night and this morning, the National Defense Force, the Amhara and Afar security, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Air force, have taken full control of Sanqa, Sirinqa, Woldiya, Haran, Gobiye, Robit and Qobo towns. The coalition forces have fully destroyed enemy forces that resorted  to the last attempt.  

According to the statement, the  coalition forces are now chasing the enemy that has been fleeing to Chercher and Alamata.

The local communities, especially the youth, joined the coalition forces in capturing the enemy that attempted to escape taking weapons and properties they looted with them.  

Meanwhile, the enemy forces which tried to sneak through Lalibela and Muja to cut off  Gashena were encircled and crushed. As a result, the coalition forces have fully liberated Hamusit, Estayesh, Ahun Tegegn, Dilb, Kul Mesk towns and environs.

At present, the heroic army is clearing the Lalibela area from the enemy and destroying the enemy stronghold in Seqota town and surroundings. The victorious army is chasing the enemy fleeing toward Korem.

Following the amazing offensive campaign underway North Wollo Zone of the Amhara State has been fully liberated from the terrorist TPLF.

Ethiopian News Agency