Western Media in Lockstep with Narratives Pushed by Western Gov’ts, Orgs., Says Journalist


December 16/2021/ENA/  The Western media have fallen in lockstep behind the narrative being pushed by the State Department, the US government and the Western governments in general and some organizations on their reporting, particularly about Ethiopia, Washington DC based Sputnik correspondent Wyatt Reed said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Reed said the Western mainstream media like CNN, Fox News, BBC, CBS News, Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, and Associated Press that are supposed to resort to standards of journalism have all fallen in lockstep behind the narratives  being pushed by the Western governments, including USA.

"When you turn on the TV here in the US or read any newspaper, it's impossible to escape this media narrative. It’s really a 360 degree full media blockade against Ethiopia in favor of the so-called TPLF," the journalist added.

According to him, TV stations or newspapers just bombarded the viewer or reader with pro-TPLF propaganda and anti-Ethiopia propaganda meant to confuse receivers and make them think that there is some sort of very complicated situation going on.

"If you turn on TV or read the newspaper you're just bombarded with pro-TPLF propaganda and with anti-Ethiopia propaganda. All this news coverage is meant to confuse readers and make them think that there's some sort of very complicated situation going on."

He revealed that "we can't possibly understand it. But 'the US should step in and try to make things right', that's kind of narrative that's being pushed.’’

So it is not surprising to see these. Yet it is still remarkable when one reads about the war that was obviously initiated by the TPLF in a surprise attack in the north, Reed elaborated.

He pointed out that the Ethiopian military response came as a reaction to the sneak attack by the TPLF force, but you never really read that in the mainstream media narratives all the way back to the very beginnings of the conflict.

The journalist further stated that this is a very deliberate attempt to twist the facts and to insert fake narratives.

"It is a very deliberate attempt to twist the facts and to insert fake narrative; a fake news narrative where it fits the interests of the sort of elites the ruling class of the United States."

Ethiopian News Agency