Rallies Held in Jerusalem, Barcelona, Greece & Australia as Part of #NoMore Campaign


December 13/2021 (ENA) Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia in Israel today staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Jerusalem as part of the #NoMore campaign, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the occasion, protesters chanted slogans condemning some Western countries, particularly the United States, for their undue pressure on Ethiopia.

They demanded efforts to end the atrocities committed by the TPLF in Afar and Amhara regions denouncing some members of the international community for their silence to the heinous acts of the group.

They called on the West to listen to the voices of Ethiopians and unite in condemning the terrorist act.

Eritreans have also joined the rally to express their solidarity.

In related news, the Ethiopian community in Barcelona, Spain, went out in important numbers to express their strong support to the Ethiopian Government.

They denounced the TPLF and its destructive actions as well as the undue interference by some western countries in the internal affairs of the country.

They urged the international community to respect the democratic vote of the Ethiopian people.

Similarly, Ethiopians living in Athens, Greece held rally with the participation of friends of Ethiopia under the motto of “No more intervention on the internal affairs of Ethiopia."

Demonstrators protested against Western economic pressure on Ethiopia and their inappropriate media campaigns, and called on Westerners to stop their partisanship, as well as chanted slogans condemning terrorist acts.

The participants of the rally have expressed their readiness to support the rehabilitation efforts of the government to people affected by the terrorist group.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, another peaceful protest has also taken place in front of the Australian Parliament in Melbourne , as part of the #NoMore campaign.

The #NoMore campaign was created by a coalition of Ethiopian and Eritrean activists led by former Al Jazeera and CBS journalist Hermela Aregawi with the central objective to oppose the ongoing Western media disinformation campaign, Western economic warfare, diplomatic propaganda and military interventions in Africa in general, and the “Horn of Africa” in particular.

The movement has now been the voice of All Africans for freedom and resilience.

Ethiopian News Agency