Rastafari Community in Jamaica Expresses Solidarity with People, Gov't of Ethiopia


Addis Ababa December 12/2021/ENA/ The Rastafari community in Jamaica joined by Pan-Africanists, members of the Ethiopian community in Jamaica, and the wider population of peace-loving people across Jamaica and elsewhere held a peaceful demonstration in front of the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica.

They expressed disappointment at the unhelpful position taken by the US and its allies, mainly in Europe in support of the rebel forces and against the democratically elected Government of Ethiopia.

They condemned the decision of the U.S. to suspend Ethiopia from participating in the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) since it only complicates economic challenges.

The organizers called on the US Government to use its immense power and influence in a balanced way in order to secure lasting peace and stability in Ethiopia in the shortest possible time.

The demonstrators stressed that all foreign intervention that undermines the prospects for peace, unity, and territorial integrity of Ethiopia would not be acceptable, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ethiopian News Agency