Ethiopian Coalition Forces Cut of Main Woldiya - Mekele Road, Control Several Strategic Areas: Gov’t


The operation for National Unity in Diversity led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has cut of the main Woldiya - Mekele high way road, Government Communication Service disclosed.

Government Communication Service said in a statement on Saturday that the Ethiopian coalition force led by the Prime Minister have taken control of several  areas with significant military importance in the Eastern front including  Zobil mountains that indicate the end of the invading TPLF.

Ethiopian forces have also taken control of Arjo, Fokiso and Boren towns with the heavy offensive attack carried out against the invading terrorist TPLF.  

Similarly, the coalition force of Ethiopia has cut of the main Woldiya -  Mekele  highway road by controlling  Gura Worke areas.

The enemy forces have now been under siege engulfed with immense terror, Government Communication Service added.   

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Coalition forces are advancing on Hara town, taking control of the cities and mountains of Dire Rokena and Sodom, which are of great military importance.

On Wuchale front, the forces have captured the strategic mountain chain of Ambassel, Robit and Golbo, Mille Kotcha of Worebabo Woreda, Kolbon area of Habru Woreda and Merkata and Faji localities.

The Ethiopian forces have now been  marching to  Mersa town, the statement said.

During the operation on these fronts, the enemy was destroyed, wounded, and taken captive by the Ethiopian forces.

The military offensive that has been accompanied by the Mechanized and Air Forces of the Ethiopian National Defense Force, prevented the enemy forces from moving with any vehicles or heavy weapons and it was forced to move in all directions.

Due to the heavy offensive encountered, the enemy forces are forced to throwaway the wounds they had with them for several days and scatter the plundered property everywhere.

The main road to Kobo Woldia was closed and the enemy managed to escape through Geshana and Lalibal borders, however, they were eliminated by the joint forces.

The community, that has been under invasion, motivated by great courage and bravery has   joined the Ethiopian coalition forces to fight against the enemy.

The government called on community to continue its heroic efforts by capturing and dismantling the terrorist cell.

Ethiopian News Agency