Ethiopian Diaspora Remits About 9 Billion USD In Three Years


The Ethiopian diaspora has remitted close to 9 billion USD over the past three years, Foreign Affairs State Minister Birtukan Ayana disclosed.

She made the remark at a webinar organized by the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency to discuss the ongoing public diplomacy activities of the diaspora community and about ways to further enhance the resource mobilization efforts.  

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the state minister recalled the impediments levied against the many Ethiopian diaspora not to come home and engage in the overall affairs of their country.

However, Birtukan said the reform introduced three years ago has created a number of conducive opportunities for the Ethiopian diaspora to participate in their country’s affairs with a sense of belongingness.

As a result, the Ethiopian diaspora community has remitted close to 9 billion USD over the past three years and that was invested on various projects creating thousands of jobs for Ethiopians, she stated.   

The diaspora has also been engaged in successful public diplomacy endeavors to help ensure the national interest of the country.

The state minister further said that the fruitful public diplomacy activities being carried out by the Ethiopian diaspora to repel the undue pressure of some countries and expose the dissemination of fake information about the current situation in Ethiopia have attracted other Africans and freedom loving people to join Ethiopia’s agenda.  

Ethiopian News Agency