#NoMore Movement Africa's Most Powerful Voice: Rastafarians


The #NoMore movement is becoming Africa's most powerful voice in this generation, according to members of Rastafari community living in Ethiopia.

The Rastafarian Orlando Thomas told ENA that the #NoMore movement is happening like the Black Lives Matter movement or any major movement that occurs over years. 

People have come to the point where they want change and something better than now. Such normal movements are very important, he added.

Thomas further noted that the movement is not only in Ethiopia, but also in Washington, Seattle, Miami, Florida, west and South Africa, and everywhere now.

“The #NoMore movement has become so big that anyone who tries to stifle the voice of this continent can no longer do that. This is the biggest voice that we've had in generations. So, the #NoMore movement is one of the most powerful things that has come out of Africa in our generation.”

Ras Haile Tiger Silassie said on his part that Africans have to unite and start doing things more for themselves.

He pointed out that Africans have to start trading more with people that are like minds; the Caribbean, for instance, black people in America and Ethiopians in America.

Tiger Silassie said the#NoMore movement is good, and “I'm doing my part like a lot of other people to show that it is really necessary.”

According to Carol Rocke, Ethiopia has a long history; and it is the only country that has never been colonized.

Ethiopians have been fighting for their rights for hundreds of years, she stated, adding that what the international community has to do is leave Ethiopia alone as they can deal with their problems by themselves.

The Rastafari community are encouraging the people of Africa and the diaspora in America to show their support for Ethiopia by carrying placards and making it known on Facebook and twitter and other means.

They have also pledged to support the elected government and to make sure that they can help the efforts move the country forward.

A Rastafari community from around the world has been settling in Ethiopia for the last 50 years, after being given land by Emperor Haile Selassie.

Ethiopian News Agency