Ethiopian rally in Washington D.C To Protest Unprecedented Pressure on Ethiopia


December 11/2021 (ENA)  A huge rally held on Friday in Washington D.C protesting against the unprecedented undue pressure on Ethiopia.

Diaspora Ethiopians in Washington D.C and from several other States of the US have participated in the demonstration that took place in front of the US Congress and the Department of State.

The grand rally is part of the global #NoMore campaign to defend Ethiopia’s territorial integrity and expose the hidden agenda of foreign entities.

The demonstrators have expressed their protest against the unprecedented undue pressure on Ethiopia by the Biden Administration.

They have also condemned the atrocities being committed by the terrorist TPLF in Ethiopia and the biased and fake reports of some international media about the current situation in the country.

Ethiopian Association for Peace and Unity Washington Task force, Kebadu Belachew told ENA that the diaspora community will continue its pressure to correct the misguided stance of the government in the US about Ethiopia.

Ethiopian News Agency