Colorado GOP Vice Chair Urges American Government to be Responsible on Ethiopia’s Situation


Addis Ababa December 2/20121 /ENA/ The first Korean-American Colorado GOP Vice Chair, Priscilla Rahn has urged foreign powers to be responsible on Ethiopia’s situation in the way they react to the current situation in the country.
In an exclusive interview with ENA, Rahn said "we need to be very careful about how we intervene in world affairs. It’s really not our place to go into other countries and maneuver and dictate how other countries govern themselves. So we need to be very careful as an American government how we use our tax dollars and whom we support.''

She noted that the America constitution talks about freedom, democracy, liberty and choice. "So when we see other countries not able to live freely and make their own decisions, it's very heartbreaking.''

The Colorado GOP Vice Chair further called on the media, including the Western media, to be fair and balanced; and always tell the truth about what's happening in Ethiopia and to help and heal not hurt the nation.

''If we're going to be involved in anything outside of America, it needs to be an involvement that heals and does not create additional harm to other countries; and that's what I’m really concerned about,'' she stressed.

Priscilla also urged Ethiopians living in the US to contact their representatives and senators to answer these questions about what is the US government's involvement in Ethiopia and to find out the truth.

According to the her, Ethiopia is an amazing and an example for the world to see how you can change your own government from the inside out.

Rahn pointed out that terrorism should never be tolerated.  TPLF has been an issue for the Ethiopian people and the global community and so it's really troubling to have this information and to see how we are responding to the terrorist attacks.

''Terrorism should never be tolerated. Since the early 70s TPLF has been an issue for the Ethiopian and the global community. So, it is really troubling to see how we are responding to the terrorist attacks."

Combating terrorists is not only the responsibility of Ethiopians but also efforts of all of us to  ensure peace and stability in every region, she stressed.

Rahn noted that the Ethiopian government has tried to be peaceful and to resolve the conflict,  including declaring ceasefire.

Ethiopians have elected a prime minister that the nation loves and who is working very hard. So, through time the world would understand the reality in Ethiopia, the Colorado GOP Vice Chair said.

She further urged elected officials in USA that have the power to have conversations with government officials in Ethiopia to use their voice to solve the problem and bring peace and stability in Ethiopia and the region as a whole because it is not just in Ethiopia, it's all of the region that is being impacted by these decisions.

Ethiopian News Agency