Crisis of Terrorist TPLF


Crisis of  Terrorist TPLF

The Terrorist TPLF was created amidst political and economic crisis that plagued the Horn of Africa and the world at large in the early 1970s. According to the ill-fated document, the Tigray Manifesto which was issued as a guiding document to form an independent state of Tigray by the most disgruntled group of narrow nationalists, Tigray was supposed to be built as an empire which would include all areas of the country inhabited by Tigrigna speaking population including territories outside of Tigray ushering a visible political and ideological crisis on the statehood of Ethiopia. It would therefore be useful to have a glimpse of multiples types of crisis that this organization had cruised through over the last 47 years of its existence.

Terrorist TPLF is an organization marred with ideological crisis

From the outset, the only world outlook that united the 11 persons who fled to Dedebit was their extreme hatred for the people of Ethiopia and their eclectic and narrow nationalist sentiment and ethnocentric exclusiveness fashioned after the history of liberation movements across the world.  

After its establishment in 1975, the TPLF started its struggle to ensure ‘self-determination’ for the region of Tigray within the Ethiopian polity. It embarked on its armed struggle with a hybrid ideology that mingled ethno-nationalism with Marxism.  Ethnicity was the prime mobilizing factor of the people of Tigray, while Marxism served as an ideological tool of organizational and policy. The main ideological source of inspiration for TPLF’s ethno-nationalist drive was, however, none other than Stalin’s theory on ‘the national question’, influential in the Leftist-Marxist thinking among the opposition movements of the time.

The contradictory nature of revolution and democracy clearly indicated that Terrorist TPLF was ready to embrace any ideology as long as it served the interest of the elite group in the party and did not affect its relation with the western powers and the US who provided massive support to enthrone terrorist TPLF on the Ethiopian political platform and tyrannical governance for solid 27 years. As a gradual departure from the ideology of revolutionary democracy with all its contradictions, over the last decade of its rule in Ethiopia, terrorist TPLF embraced the ideology of developmental state which was not properly explained and which did not exactly fit into the political system it created modeling everything after its jungle experience in Tigray. Finally, for terrorist TPLF, any mix up of ideology did not matter as long as it served the elitist interest and not neither the interest of citizens in Tigray nor the people of Ethiopia.

Today, terrorist TPLF is back to its defunct manifesto wishing to conduct an unconstitutional referendum to secede from Ethiopia. For this terrorist organization there is no end to its manipulative ideology which is in fact the end of ideology before it is seen off to its political purgatory. Terrorist TPLF’s ideology is the ideology of terror and ethnocentric exclusiveness and disunity. All official ideologies it has professed in the past were only a window dressing for its fascistic ideology and world outlook.

Terrorist TPLF in identity crisis

Terrorist TPLF has been propagating that the citizens in Tigray are not Ethiopians but Tigrawi. This is totally absurd because except for TPLF leadership, the entire residents of Tigray are proud of their historical identity they have both by birth and citizenship.  The terrorist organization has attempted in vain to replicate this crisis into its rag tag army which is now in total disarray trying to find a route through which it can escape. The TPLF leadership is trying to push a wedge between the citizens in Tigray and the rest of the people of Ethiopia who have lived together in a unified country for over three thousand years. The identity of any population, including that of the population in Tigray cannot be given or denied by absurd political decisions by few leaders of terrorist TPLF that have now become totally irrelevant in the political system of Ethiopia. Terrorist TPLF’s rejection of Ethiopia and Ethiopian identity is not in the interest of the people of Tigray as they have through ages contributed to the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

Terrorist TPLF has created religious, moral, and cultural crisis in Amhara and Afar  

In gross violation of the Ethiopian constitution, relevant international conventions and laws, terrorist TPLF fighters have vandalized churches and mosques destroyed religious artifacts and shrines that are revered by the faithful in Amhara and Afar regions. In Lalibela, a town considered as a holy place by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church believers, the terrorists looted and carried away religious manuscripts, and worshiping holy materials that were kept in the rock hewn churches for thousands of years. They disfigured shrines and destroyed  the Grand Mosque of Al- Nejashi in Tigray. They looted properties and food meant for monks and nuns in Waldiba Monastery inflicting heavy moral breakdown on the moral of the faithful in the areas. They cold-bloodedly killed monks and prominent religious leaders. In Afar the terrorists burned Muslim holy shrines and mosques burning hundreds of copies of Quran which were kept in mosques. They drank beer and liquors in mosques and danced in these holy places.

 Terrorist TPLF in legal crisis

Since three years, terrorist TPLF was engaged in total violation of the provisions of the federal constitution and other relevant laws of the country including the regulations issued by the National Election Board of Ethiopia in which it conducted an illegal regional election. Moreover, terrorist TPLF violated the federal laws by invading two restive regions of the country committing crimes against humanity and violation of human rights untold in the history of this country. Terrorist TPLF destroyed the major infrastructure facilities in Amhara and Afar regions as a means of reinstating itself into the federal power house by military power. The terrorist organization led by gang of criminal leaders who were partially decapitated by the ENDF. The fascistic actions of the terrorist force was regrettably ignored by major global and regional powers and the UN systems. Terrorist TPLF not only violated the federal laws of the country but also violated major international conventions including the various sections of the Vienna Conventions.

Terrorist TPLF is in political crisis

The whole history of the existence of terrorist TPLF can be considered in its entirety as a history of political crisis. This terrorist organization has now lost confidence from the people of Tigray and is not even administering the region under normal conditions of public life ruling by naked force. The organization has totally lost its credibility among Africans in the diaspora and the entire Afro-American population as well as in Mainland Africa. Despite the all-round support that it is enjoying from the US and major EU countries in the form of logistics, diplomatic and propaganda, terrorist TPLF will soon cease to exist as an influential  political force in Ethiopia.

Terrorist TPLF is in total military crisis

Contrary to the traditional human wave war tactics used across the world which was in most cases multi- national, terrorist TPLF mobilized human power for the war based on ethnic lines, falsely mobilizing the citizens in Tigray that the Amhara are out to destroy them and that they need to repulse the false aggression that they are facing.

The TPLF mobilized huge amount of human wave from Tigray on the bases of the politics of hatred and exclusiveness either to create greater Tigray or take hold of the entire political power by instating itself through the combination of war propaganda and naked force. Terrorist TPLF mobilized underage children,  elementary school children ,priests, older persons, women and the disabled to the battle front which sadly enough resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands lives which is expected to seriously affect the demographic mix of the population in Tigray.

The sinking ship on which terrorist TPLF and its horde of looters is sinking even deeper. With a total loss at the battle front, terrorist TPLF could do anything under the sun to multiply the loss incurred in terms of human life and property in Amhara and Afar regions. Ethnocentric politics and military tactics is not working and terrorist TPLF fighters will have no chance but to either perish or surrender.

By S. Dibaba

Ethiopian News Agency