United Forces of Ethiopia Have Taken Control of Lalibela Town, Lalibela Int’l Airport


Addis Ababa,December 01,2021 (ENA) The united Ethiopian forces have taken control of the historical town of Lalibela and Lalibela International Airport, according to Government Communication Service.

The Ethiopian forces were able to liberate Lalibela town, where the World Heritage Rock-hewn Churches are located, as a result of the successful offensive attacks being carried out against the enemy with the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is also the Commander In-chief of the army.

The  Ethiopian National Defense Force, Amhara Special Force, Militia and Fano have now been advancing to control Sekota town.  

It is to be recalled that in the Gashena front, Arbit, Aqet and Dabo towns were captured by the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Amhara Special Forces, Militia and Fano.

Ethiopian News Agency