NDRMC Purchasing Wheat for Food Reserves


Addis Ababa December, 01 2021 (ENA) The National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) is purchasing wheat and other produces from abroad to be used as food reserves.

NDRMC Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Logistics Sector, Aydrus Hassen said many people have been displaced due to the war waged by the terrorist TPLF.

He said the commission has continued its humanitarian assistance and is purchasing wheat and other produces from abroad as a reserve.

According to him, the import of over 400,000 metric tons of wheat is being processed while the purchase of biscuits, flour and rice has been carried out locally.

NDRMC is also in the process of purchasing an additional 300,000 metric tons of wheat from abroad, Aydrus stated.

The deputy commissioner further disclosed that purchase of 117,000 metric tons of various products locally is being processed.

Ethiopian News Agency