European Diplomat Criticizes Western Media for Reporting Wrong, Biased News about Ethiopia


November 30/2021 (ENA) A former European diplomat, Simo Parviainen has criticized some media outlets in the west for disseminating wrong and "absolutely biased information" about the current situation in Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview he held with ENA, Parviainen said some western media outlets have been engaged in disseminating wrong and biased information since the conflict has started in Ethiopia.

“Mostly the western media or the international media are based in Nairobi so; they don’t know the real situation in Ethiopia. They have been part of the disinformation campaign of the TPLF by disseminating wrong information that they have been receiving from the group. And this has been the prevailing narrative for months.”

These biased media reports about Ethiopia is misleading the global audience, he said indicating that the European parliament has been completely misinformed about the nature of the conflict, and they made resolution on Ethiopia based on faulty and very biased information.  

According to him, the media organizations for some reason are not willing to refrain from such narrative.

“They are constantly reporting on the conflict with the one side of the way, despite the media has a big responsibility in the eyes of the world, unfortunately they failed here,” he elaborated.

He further stressed the need to enhance ongoing efforts to provide accurately and factual information by the Ethiopian side about the existing reality on the ground particularly how the conflict started and the massacres committed by the agents of the terrorist TPLF in Mai Kadra and other places.

The former European diplomat further indicated the fact that currently this truth about Ethiopia is coming out, “so I am hopeful that Ethiopia will always prevail, Ethiopia is strong and great country, so everything will be fine, though the nation is in a very difficult period.”

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian Media Authority recently issued warning letters to Reuters, BBC, CNN and Associated Press for manufacturing and disseminating of false news and news analysis on Ethiopia to assist the TPLF's objectives.

These media outlets are some of the mainstream news organizations that have been disseminating news that sowed seeds of animosity among people and compromised sovereignty of the country.

Ethiopian News Agency