Analyst Hopes President Biden Won't Repeat Predecessor Obama's Mistake, Respects Sovereignty of Ethiopia


 November 29/2021 (ENA)The American political-economic analyst Lawrence Freeman has expressed his hope that president Joe Biden will not go along with some people in his administration and his cabinet to dismember Ethiopia the way his predecessor the democratic president Obama did to Libya.

The political-economic analyst for Africa told Ethiopian News Agency noted that some western countries, including the US are seemingly opening up the door for TPLF, a separatist group which has declared war on an elected government.

However, Freeman said he hopes President Joe Biden will not go along with some people in his administration and his cabinet in attempting to dismember Ethiopia, one of the geopolitically important nations in the world.

“It is my hope that my president Joe Biden will not go along with some people in his administration and his cabinet and be involved in this dismembering or attempt to dismember Ethiopia the way his predecessor democratic president Obama did to Libya. I'm hoping we can prevent President Biden from doing that.”

Freeman strongly believes that the hostile approach towards Ethiopia and the policy coming from the United States and the State Department in particular is “wrong.”

“They're actually undermining Ethiopia in the current policy. For example, by suggesting the removal of Ethiopia from AGOA is directly harming the citizens of Ethiopia. The tacit support for TPLF is harming the people of Ethiopia at home even in Africa as Ethiopia is a long time nation,” he noted.

Explaining why the current the US Administration is intensifying tremendous pressure on Ethiopia, the analyst responded that it is because of a group of people in the Biden Administration who have longtime ties with the TPLF.

“This is a challenging question because it's not just one reason. However, on the simplest level,  you have a group of people in the Biden Administration who have longtime ties to the TPLF, they work with the TPLF and  support the TPLF. They’re also the same group of people who were in the Obama Administration who advocate the overthrow and assassination of President Qaddafi,” he revealed.   

Allowing TPLF, which is a separatist group that has launched attacks on the federal government,  is undermining the sovereignty of Ethiopia as well as the sovereignty of all African nations, the analyst elaborated.

“Therefore, this kind of attempt will be opening up the door for other separatist groups all over Africa to launch attacks on their government. For me, this is an attack on the Ethiopian sovereign  state; and pleasantly it's an attack on all African nation states,” Freeman underscored.

Instead, he urged America and its Western allies to  advocate a policy of development on how to assist African nations to increase their ability to grow their economies and  improve the standard of living of the citizens. “That's what we should be doing and we're doing the opposite, we're undermining it.”

Ethiopian News Agency