Gov’t Establishes Inter-Ministerial Task Force to Oversee Human Rights Violations in Northern Ethiopia


 November 29/2021 (ENA)The Government of Ethiopia has set up an Inter-Ministerial Task Force to oversee redress and accountability measures in response to human rights violations committed in the context of the conflict in northern Ethiopia.

According to a statement issued by the task force, it announced that it has officially commenced its work today by adopting a comprehensive strategy and action plan for the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Joint Report of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission  and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The strategy and action plan cover all serious violations that have been committed in the context of the conflict, including those that have occurred in Afar and Amhara regional states after the unilateral ceasefire declared by the government in June 2021, the statement added.   

To carry out its work, the task force has established four committees that focus on investigation and prosecution, refugees and IDP affairs, sexual and gender-based violence, and resource mobilization.

The four committees will be chaired, respectively, by Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Peace,  Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, and Ministry of Finance, it was learned.

The task force has also decided to establish a secretariat that will facilitate, monitor and coordinate the day-to-day function of the task force and its committees.

The task force directed all committees to adopt victim-centered approach, focusing on the rights of victims to know the truth, to seek and secure redress, and the need to implement programs of rehabilitation, restitution, and compensation to the extent resources permit.

The statement said the task force will regularly provide updates for the public.

Ethiopian News Agency