Terrorist TPLF Massacred Women, Children Before It Fled Kassagita and Mudena Towns

Addis Ababa,November 27,2021 (ENA) The terrorist TPLF massacred many children and women and destroyed properties before it fled Kassagita and Mudena towns in Afar region.

It is to be recalled that the entire security force, which is now led by the FDRE Commander-in-Chief Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, has dealt huge blow to the terrorist TPLF group on the Kassagita front and controlled strategic positions.

The security force has also taken control of Burqa and mountains around Bati town and is marching toward Bati Kombolcha, the Government Communication Service disclosed last night.

According to our sources on the ground, the terrorist group killed many children and defenseless people before it fled Kassagita and Mudena unable to withstand the severe blow of the army.

It also destroyed mosques and burned the Qur'an, it was learned.

Houses, kiosks, restaurants, health stations, schools and electric power infrastructure were either burned down or bombarded by heavy artillery.

The terrorist has demonstrated its true brutal nature by destroying social, political and economic infrastructures that benefit citizens.

The aggressor TPLF terrorist group is now taking flight in disarray unable to withstand the strike  of the army.

Government Communication Service has called on the public today to protect their area to prevent the TPLF terrorist group from destroying and looting while fleeing in panic.

Ethiopian News Agency