Westerners Must Accept that Ethiopians Stand against Aggression: Patriots Assn. President


November 26/2021 (ENA) Westerners must keep their hands off Ethiopia and accept that Ethiopians are firmly standing against any form of aggression on Ethiopia, according to Ethiopian Patriots Association.

Speaking to ENA, Ethiopian Patriots Association President Lij Daniel Jote said intervention of some Western powers in the internal affairs of Ethiopia is tantamount to violating the sovereignty, unity, and integrity of the country.

But the fact is that Ethiopians across the globe and at home are firmly standing against any form of aggression against the country’s national interest and sovereignty, he added.

The president noted that the Western powers should realize this and accept it.

According to him, the youth in particular are doing their best to defend their country by taking part in all aspects of the campaign.

"The present day Ethiopians are trying hard to make sure that Ethiopians will have a beautiful  and strong country in the future," Lij Daniel noted.

He further pointed out that the movement against the foreign meddling and against Ethiopia’s national interest, dignity and sovereignty is being widely promoted through the hashtag “No More !”

The message has been circulating all over African countries and outside, including in USA.

The president stated that “ the ‘No More!’ movement has spread now to all African countries –South Africa, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea; and also in the heart of the US capital, Washington Dc.”

Moreover Ethiopian brothers and sisters as well as friends of Ethiopia have demonstrated against CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC, etc. and the Western  meddling in 27 countries around the world.

Ethiopia had faced similar aggressions in different times and succeed in defending those, the president noted, urging the West to accept the fact that Ethiopia is part of the big and large world as a nation that has a government taking care of its people.

“Ethiopia had fought 3 or 4 times similar aggressions. But, this one was never expected to happen. Our country has a government that has been elected democratically by over 60 percent of the population. The Westerners have to accept this fact. ”   

Ethiopian News Agency