Ethiopia Secures 1.1 Bln USD in Remittance during Past Three Months


Addis Ababa November 22/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia has secured 1.1 billion USD in the form of remittance during the past three months via legal channels, according to the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency.

Agency Communication Director, Wondwossen Girma told ENA that the remittance being transferring through legal channels from the Ethiopian Diaspora has been increased from time to time.

Citing that the remittance secured from the Diaspora was 3.6 billion USD last year, he said the 1.1 billion USD has been legally transferred from the Diaspora to Ethiopia in three months alone which shows significant improvement from previous periods.

On the other hand, Wondwossen said the Diaspora community in various parts of the world has been making various efforts to prevent the unwarranted external pressure being imposed on Ethiopia.

Wondwossen praised the Diaspora community across the globe for its tireless effort in protesting the unjustified foreign intervention in the country`s internal affairs as it is crucial for the international community to understand Ethiopia's reality on the ground and to revise their misguided stand towards the East African nation.

The Diaspora has also been providing financial and in-kind support to the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) as it has provided over 125 million birr for ENDF in the first quarter of the current budget year alone while over 251 million birr has been raised for mega projects, according to the director.

Ethiopian News Agency