Nation Earns about 23 Mln USD from Electric Power Export to Neighboring Countries


Addis Ababa November 22/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia has earned about 23 million USD by exporting over 423 million megawatts (MW) of electric power to neighboring Djibouti and Sudan in the past three months, the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) disclosed.

EEP Communication Director, Moges Mokenen told ENA that 13.18 million USD has been earned from Sudan by exporting 263.7 million MW of electricity while 9.76 million USD was obtained from the sale of 159.6 million MW to Djibouti.

Preparations to export electric power to Kenya have almost been concluded, the communication director pointed out.

The country is in the process of establishing bilateral relations with Somaliland, Somalia, Tanzania, Eritrea, South Sudan and other African countries to electric power, according to EEP.

Ethiopia’s electric export trade has been contributing to enhance the nation’s economic relations with neighboring countries in addition to the foreign currency earnings, he added.

Ethiopia mainly generates a comparatively affordable and clean hydroelectric power with cheapest investment on hydro dams on top of other proportionally limited energy sources, including wind, solar and geothermal.  

Ethiopia is currently generating 4,500MW of electric power and is expected to exponentially increase to 17,000MW in 10 years.

Ethiopian News Agency