Ass'n to Hold Investment Conference that Brings Together over 1000 Ethiopian Diasporas

Addis Ababa September 19/2018 The Ethiopian Diaspora Association has finalized preparations to organize a day-long Diaspora Mobilizing Conference on Investment which is expected to bring more than 1000 people at the end of this month. The conference is aimed at encouraging the engagement of the Ethiopian Diaspora in industry, hotel and tourism as well as other development works. Ethiopian Diaspora Association Chief Executive Director Abraham Sium told ENA that the main objective of the conference is to stimulate the interest of the diaspora and improve their participation in development programs.  “We have identified three major issues and preparing a conference that can give detailed information and explanations about investment opportunities and packages the government (has prepared) with regard to investment, tourism customs and revenue”, he said. Abraham added that the conference will serve as an opportunity to make the participants aware about the various options in the country and help them raise the various challenges that need to be addressed to the panelists concerned. Creating favorable environment for the diaspora is crucial in increasing their contributions to the development of the country, the Chief Executive Director said,  adding that the conference will discuss ways and methods that help to create favorable environment for enterprising Ethiopians in diaspora. “There is a huge gap between the diaspora and our local institutions. And discussing issues face to face about investment in this kind of conferences is important to create friendly relationship, learn the prospects and solve problems”, Abraham noted. He stressed that there are huge potential areas in Ethiopia in which the diaspora can invest and be profitable.  However, more explanations and clarifications on the sectors are need and the association will further work in increasing their understanding and connecting them with the government. According to Abraham, a team comprised of several government bodies, the diaspora, and the association will be established at the end of the conference to address challenges that may be raised by the participants. The Diaspora Mobilizing Conference on Investment to be held on September 29, 2018 is organized in collaboration with Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ethiopian Customs and Revenue Authority, and the Ethiopian Investment Commission.                
Ethiopian News Agency