Emergency Decree Enables Gov’t to Ensure Public Security: Some Addis Ababa Residents


Addis Ababa November 11/2021 (ENA) The state of emergency will enable the Government of Ethiopia to ensure public security by curtailing movements of terrorist groups, according to some residents of Addis Ababa.

Speaking to ENA, Sime Simeneh said the declaration of the state of emergency is timely and appropriate that would enable the government to ensure public security in the country.

“The state of emergency was declared with the view to protecting the national security of the county and ensuring public safety. I believe that the decree is crucial in ensuring the wellbeing of the people,” he added.

The resident noted that though Ethiopians have been aspiring for peace wishing and begging could not guarantee peace. Peace requires active engagement and participation, and collaboration of the people with the government in the effort to realize the decree.

Everyone has the responsibility to contribute their part for the realization of peace by taking part in the implementation of the state of emergency, Sime noted.

Moges Zewde said on his part that the emergency decree will help to apprehend cliques of the terrorist groups TPLF and Shene, which have been trying to destabilize the country.

“The emergency decree is timely and appropriate as it helps us to come out of  the war victorious. This is a war imposed on us and we have to defeat the enemies.”

For Metages Habtu, the emergency decree has been playing a critical role in aborting the terroristic and destabilizing efforts of the groups.

He stressed that the decree will help to repulse the existential threats that the country has been facing through the collaborative attacks of the terrorist groups.

Metages further pointed out that “the emergency decree will help to easily curtail the movements of terrorist groups and their cliques since it enables the security bodies to track suspects collaborating with terrorist groups and smugglers of fire arms.”  

Ethiopian News Agency