Some Western Nations Working with Criminal TPLF Defying International Laws: Tigrayan Politician


Addis Ababa November 11/2021 (ENA) The prominent Ethiopian Tigrayan politician Dr. Aregawi Berhe said some western countries are working with the criminal TPLF group in order to realize a system favorable for their political and economic advantages in the Horn of Africa.

Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) Chairman Dr. Aregawi Berhe told ENA that despite TPLF’s numerous human right abuses and other heinous crimes against the people of Ethiopia during its close to three decades of oppressive system in the country, some western nations have still been sympathizing the group.

According to Dr. Aregawi, the stance being witnessed by some of the western nation towards the terrorist group TPLF and the government of Ethiopia is against international laws and the core principles of genuine democracy and the protection of human rights that are promoted by these nations too.

The intention is just to create a weak government in the region by using elements like the terrorist TPLF, he added.

In order to realize these agenda some international media outlets operating in the west have been used as an instrument, Aregawi noted.

“Media in the west such as the BBC and CNN have been engaged in propaganda campaign against Ethiopia by disseminating fake news to mislead the international community about the reality in the country and destabilize the nation with a view to supporting TPLF’s and its allies aggression on the people of Ethiopia.”   

Attempts being made by the west to bring the terrorist TPLF to political power in Ethiopia, is futile as the whole nation is against the group for its three decades of atrocities, Aregawi added.

These members of the international community are working to dismantle Ethiopia like they did in various parts of the world including Yemen, Libya and Syria, by providing moral, diplomatic and other supports to the group, he said.

 “The prominent western nations have never tried to condemn the group for its number of atrocities in the country. They had given deaf ear to the Maikadra, Galicoma, Chena Massacres, the attacks on the National Defense Force Northern command. And yet they are busy by pressurizing and tarnishing the image of the government of Ethiopia based on fabricated information.”  

 He called on the these western nations to work with a democratically elected government of Ethiopia in order to avert  the ongoing agony of the people in Tigray and other parts of Ethiopia caused by  the belligerent acts of the TPLF.

The Tigrayan prominent politician, Dr. Aregawi further urged the international community to stand by the government of Ethiopia which has immense popular support for the national cause to defend the sovereignty of the country.  


Ethiopian News Agency