Gov’t Urges Amnesty’s Report on Atrocities Committed by TPLF Should be condemned by All


Addis Ababa November 10/2021 (ENA) Amnesty International's reports on the atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF should be condemned by all, Government Communication Service urged.

In a statement it issued today that the government has been repeatedly exposing the human rights abuses committed by the TPLF in areas under its attack.

The current Amnesty International report also reveals that committing human rights abuses is the character of the terrorist group, it added.

Amnesty International has released a report compiled after interviewing women who are victims of the TPLF's ongoing human rights abuses in the areas it occupied within the Amhara region.

The victims told Amnesty International that in the Amhara region, particularly in the Nefas Mewcha area, TPLF terrorist group members committed inhumane acts of gang rape on 16 women.

Victims who testified to Amnesty International reported that TPLF militants threatened them with guns, looted their properties and gang raped the women. Little children were exposed to witnessing these horrific acts of violence and are left to deal with eternal wounds. The report states that members of the terrorist group set fire to various facilities including a medical centres.

The terrorist group, which has been wreaking havoc in Nefas Mewcha for nine days, has raped more than 70 women. Amnesty International confirmed that the victims had informed regional officials of the situation.

If the global community had worked to stop this terrorist group after the unprecedented massacre committed in Mai Kadra, the suffering that was described in this report and the unspoken tribulations would have come to end, the statement underscored.  

“The terrorist TPLF has committed crimes that should not be committed against humanity in various parts of the country. Even if late, various institutions are revealing it.:”

This report was compiled in areas that were previously occupied by the terrorist group which it had to leave after defeat.

According to Government Communication Service, there are even more inhumane actions being committed in the territories it currently occupies.

Human rights organizations have the responsibility to expand their investigation and report this heinous act to the world, it underlined.

Ethiopians must stand together to stop this terrorist group which is the enemy of humanity and the global community must condemn their actions, Government Communication Service urged.

Ethiopian News Agency