Speedy Completion of GERD Vital to Get Strong Leverage in Ongoing Negotiation: Water Experts


Addis Ababa November 10/2021 (ENA) The speedy completion of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is vital to force the lower riparian countries into a negotiated agreement, said, senior Ethiopian water experts.

Water Experts approached by ENA said the construction of the dam is progressing well particularly since the past three years.

Water Supply and Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor at Hawassa University, Mihret Dananto said that the construction of GERD should continue with more speed than ever before as its swift completion provides the nation additional leverage to repel the ongoing pressure.

The government has to enhance public participation for the construction of GERD, and water diplomacy, he stated.

In this regard, Ethiopia has to continue its key role to pushing the 11 riparian countries in order to bring the equal and just share of the Nile River among the nations, he pointed out.

Hawasa University Department of Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering Associate Professor Moltot Zewdie said for his part that the construction of the dam is progressing well since the past three years.

“The dam has previously delayed for so long from its schedule and was messed up with corruption. But now the dam is showing good progress in the past two to three years,” he said.

Yet, campaigns, speeding up the construction and updating information are vital, he noted.

“Still the current status of GERD is enough for strong negotiating position for Ethiopia. But more accelerating the completion of the construction will help the countries reach negotiated deal,” he added.

The construction of the GERD has reached more than 80 percent.

Ethiopian News Agency