Foreign Journalists in Ethiopia Say Int’l Media Disseminating False Information about Capital


Foreign journalists who are currently in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa have blasted the international media outlets for their false report about the existing security situation of the city and its environs.

Some western media outlets have intensified false propaganda against Ethiopia over the past few weeks in an attempt to enhance their hidden agenda of destabilizing the country, according to media monitoring survey.

These media houses are particularly bent on disseminating false information by saying there is a high security alarm in Addis Ababa and its surroundings as well as creating hysteria by their latest offensive propaganda machine, it was indicated.

Whereas, foreign journalists approached by ENA today said they arrived in Ethiopia a few days ago to attend a meeting and they stayed  in Addis Ababa and Adama city of Oromia Region.

They were terrified by the reports of some international media outlets about Ethiopia before their arrival, the journalist said but they added that "what we encountered was the opposite."

The journalists particularly, recalled that they had been alarmed by news reports that Addis Ababa had been besieged by insurgents and there were serious security concerns.

However, they confirmed that there was no security problem in both two cities and that the information disseminated was false.

Ugandan Journalist, Daniel Lutaaya said he has watched some international media reports before his flight to Addis Ababa and he thought that he was going to a war zone. But he proved the opposit. “There is nothing whether in Addis Ababa or in Adama city.”

“As per the international media, I thought Addis Ababa was surrounded by the rebel and they could attack the city any time. So I was scared when i was coming to this country because of those reports. But when I came here I was surprised. At the airport I did not see a lot of armed people and even in the city I did not see anybody carrying guns  or patrols of military people…"

South Sudanese journalist Becky Abiyem said on her part that she was afraid to come to Ethiopia because of the media coverage.

However, the journalist said that when she came to Ethiopia, especially in Addis Ababa and its environs, she was able to confirm the fact that all the media reports were false.

“For the first time, I come to Addis Ababa. I was scared because of what the international media was reporting here. May be the rebels are 15 kilometers from Addis and at first I didn’t  want to come. But when I arrived here, it is to my surprise that I couldn’t even see the security personnel and soldiers. So Addis is currently peaceful from my side what the international media putting out there.”  

Kenyan journalist John Jacob said the situation in Ethiopia and the international media are very different.

The reports that have been depicting totally wrong impression about the security situation of Addis Ababa and its environs were completely false.  

He said that Addis Ababa is very peaceful unlike the media reports adding that reports printed and broadcasted are wrong that don’t represent the actual situation of the country.

Ethiopian News Agency