Nat’l Defense Force Destroying Invading Forces of Terrorist TPLF in All Fronts: Gov’t


Addis Ababa October 31/2014 (ENA) Government communication Service said that the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) has been destroying the terrorist TPLF invading forces in all fronts.

Briefing the media this afternoon, Minister of the Federal Government Communication Service, Legesse Tulu said the army is carrying out its mission bravely and efficiently to save Ethiopia.

According to him, in the Dessie front, the terrorist group had tried to attack the army using its  infiltrators and bandits in the town.

However,  Legesse revealed the national defense force  have repulsed hordes of TPLF terrorist fighters and now  it  has   been engaged in an offensive attack to repel the invader forces of the group.

The Minister indicated  that the army has achieved a great success to crush the enemy and fought a fierce battle in Dessie yesterday.

In this regard, the residents of Dessie have demonstrated their support and solidarity to the defense force, he added.

He further explained that currently the Ethiopian National Defense Force has been intensifying its holdings in major fronts including Chifra, Gashena and others.

Ethiopian News Agency