Sanctioning Ethiopia Not Only Unjustifiable, But Also Illegal: Int'l Security Expert


October  29/2021 /ENA/  Imposing sanction on the Ethiopia is not only unjustifiable but also illegal and illegitimate, Legal and International Security Expert Blen Mamo said.

The expert residing in London told Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN) that the level of threat Americans has been facing by the economic and military strength of the Chinese makes them  take aggressive measures against Ethiopia.

They do not care about the truth in Ethiopia anymore, and truth has no place in American politics. Everything depends on the national interest of the country.  

“We have to be aware that the humanitarian crisis in Tigray is a pretext. If you see it realistically,  it is actually the Ethiopian government that is more responsible for the people in Tigray than the Western governments,” she noted.

The exaggeration about the humanitarian crisis in Tigray is in the level of compunction to incriminate the Ethiopian government and shows that there are other things being cooked behind, the expert noted, adding that they don’t that much care about the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Blen further pointed out that although TPLF had been committing all kinds of crime against humanity in Ethiopia during its rule for almost 30 years, the U.S governments never imposed   sanction on the TPLF despite the repeated calls from the Ethiopia diaspora.

According to her, the only group that deserves to be sanctioned at present is the TPLF, given the atrocities it has been committing in Afar and Amhara regions.

“After all the efforts and willingness that the government has demonstrated to put an end to the suffering of Tigray people by declaring unilateral ceasefire, imposing sanction on the federal government is not only unjustifiable but also illegal and illegitimate.”

The expert on the other hand appreciated the resolution the House Foreign Affairs Committee  passed demanding the TPLF to end the use of child soldiers, pull its forces from Amhara and Afar regions, and end alliance with the other terrorist group Shene.

Asked about the negotiating with TPLF, she said “I strongly believe that it would counterproductive.”

Given the psychological nature of TPLF, I don’t think the TPLF would reliable to accept and provide workable and negotiation terms with the Ethiopian government.

Besides, “I don’t think the TPLF leaders have the integrity to come up with reasonable demand and accept reasonable terms of negotiation from the government side, which makes difficult not only the discussion but also the implementation.”

The legal and international security expert also revealed that negotiating with the TPLF does not mean negotiating with the TPLF alone; it has a lot of package on its back from outside the country.

What the TPLF group exactly wants is to overthrow the central government and reinstate themselves, Blen noted, adding that this ambition was already rejected by all Ethiopians three years ago.

Negotiation is not a practical approach, she stressed, underlining that once TPLF's military and political power influence is neutralize then you can sit down with pro-Ethiopia representatives of Tigray.

The legal and international security expert finally urged Western governments to find a way to work with the legitimate and elected Government of Ethiopia instead of pushing the government to the extreme.

Ethiopian News Agency