Ustath Jemal Correcting, Clarifying Distorted Information of Arabs about GERD, Nile River


Addis Ababa October 27/2021 (ENA) The President of Kings of Abbay Media and Vice Chairperson of Ethiopian Center for Peace and Progress, Ustath Jemal Beshir said activities have been underway to correct the distorted information of the Arab world on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Ustath Jemal, who has been actively engaged in informing both the Arab and Ethiopian audiences about the dam, has also raised 1.1 million USD for the construction of the dam from the Ethiopian Diaspora in one month.

He told ENA that “almost everyone in Europe, US and even in Arab countries attaches the Nile River to Egypt.”

They don’t even know from where the Nile River comes and which countries are the sources of the Nile, Ustath Jemal stated, adding that “most of the programs in the Kings of Abbay Media are therefore focused on promoting the truth about the Nile River and GERD and clarify the erroneous views.”

People should know that over 86 percent waters of the Nile come from Ethiopia. Therefore, we need to use this resource for our country and people because 60 percent of the Ethiopian population does not have access to electricity, he underlined.

Ustath Jemal stressed that “we need to use this river. Hence we are effectively working in the Amharic and Arabic languages to reflect the truth about the Nile River and correct the distorted information the Arab countries, especially Egypt has about Ethiopia, GERD and Nile River.”
Unfortunately, they are working very hard to mislead the world by promoting propaganda and lies about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, he elaborated.

“We have to tell the world that the dam is built to generate electric power that every country in the world has. We all know that there are more than 40,000 dams in the world. We are not the first country building a dam. So this truth should be told to the world,” Ustath Jemal underscored.

Furthermore, the president stated that he has been trying to inform the Arab world that this project does not cause harm to any of the downstream countries.

“But we also need to focus on other parts of the world too by informing them through the English, French and other language,” he noted.
Ustath Jemal further urged all Ethiopians to work hard and continue their support to complete the dam, which will bring many benefits to the country.

Ethiopian News Agency