Contending Political Party Leaders Call on Gov' to Intensify Military Measures against TPLF


Addis Ababa October 26/2021 (ENA) Leaders of four contending political parties have called on the government to intensify airstrikes on weapons repair factories and training centers that the terrorist TPLF uses to prolong the war it triggered.

Leaders of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party, Oromo Liberation Movement, Amhara Democratic Forces Movement, and Hidassie Party said they staunchly stand for the sovereignty and unity of the country.

Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party Public Relations Head, Abraham Haimanot said his party supports the strike of the government on TPLF strategic areas.

The measures would help to end the war in a short period of time and such efforts need to be continued, he added.

“Our party is very supportive of what the government is doing right now. We are monitoring the situation, including the measures taken on strategic locations of TPLF training centers, and the Almeda Textile factory that has been producing military uniforms by the terrorist group as  disguises. We support this. The demolition of more major bases is also crucial to end the war because the air support will enable the ground troops to easily destroy the TPLF.”  

Oromo Liberation Movement Chairman, Dereje Bekele said the terrorist group is committing  inhuman acts in Amhara and Afar regions even if the government earlier declared unilateral ceasefire and withdrew its troops from Tigray region.

“The National Defense Force must use all means and end the war as soon as possible. The desire of our party is to see a lasting peace. If we manage to bring peace, we can effectively engage in development activities.”

According to him, it is unacceptable for Westerners to side with a group designated as a terrorist group while an elected government is in place.

It is therefore appropriate for the government to reject attempts of foreign forces to intervene in the country's internal affairs to promote their interests, the chairman stressed.

Amhara Democratic Force Movement Organizational head, Raswork Melaku said on his part that the terrorist group has been working to disintegrate the country.

He revealed that members of his party are fighting alongside the invaded Amhara people to rout out the terrorist group TPLF from the region.

“We have seen that the TPLF betrayed not only Ethiopia but also the whole of Africa. Therefore, we will expose the conspiracy of the group at every opportunity and make governments around the world become aware of the Western conspiracy. We will also support the government to end the war.”

According to him, the silence of the international community while atrocities are being committed in Amhara and Afar regions is part of the conspiracy of some Western countries and organizations that collaborate with the terrorist group to destroy Ethiopia.

Hidassie Party Secretary General, Surafel Eshetu called on all parties to work together to wipe out the terrorist group by strengthening the sovereignty of the country.

“We must work together to bury this junta once and for all. We must use all our forces in the same way that the terrorist TPLF is using and speed up the offensive. "

Ethiopian News Agency